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Subject: College Cock (Larry) Part 2College Cocks, part 2 of 8 (M/T, T/T, w/s)—————————————————————————-
This is a story which involves sex between young males. If that is not your
thing, what are you Preteen Tits doing here?
If you are under 18 in most jurisdictions, you should not be reading this,
but I take no responsibility for
your actions. It takes place in an unspecified time and place and the
characters do not worry about HIV or AIDS. If you are sexually active in
today’s world, you should be aware of the risks.
———————————————-College cocks
CHAPTER 2 I slept like a hibernating bear. When I finally woke up, it was broad
daylight, and Larry Joe was puttering around the room, already nearly
dressed. Damn! I’d hoped he was the type who liked a morning quickie. I
meant to say Good Morning, Preteen Tits
but what came out was closer to “Gum Earning.”
Flashing blue eyes, sunshine bright smile. Jesus, what a sight to wake
up to! “Well! Good morning. So you’re alive after all. Preteen Tits
I thought we’d lost
you even before Registration.”
I stretched like a cat. “What time is it?”
“Damn near ten. You’d better Preteen Tits get your ass in gear, or every class you
thought you wanted will have four sections filled by the time you get half
through filling out forms.” I grunted, and managed to sit up, shaking the
cobwebs out of my brain. I looked up again, and was just about to pass on
to Larry Joe my discovery of the morning, which was that I was falling
madly in love with him, but he spoke first. “Uh, listen, Bill. I’m real
sorry about last night.”
My response was extremely intelligent, “Huh?” I mean, what was this
“sorry” line? What the hell did he think he had to be sorry about? I
thought I’d made it clear Preteen Tits
I loved every second of it.
He grinned sheepishly, “I must have really tied one on. Don’t usually
get that drunk. I don’t remember a thing about getting to bed or undressed,
so I figure you must have had to do it. You must think I’m a real jerk.”
What the hell was this? I caught my wits enough to play it cool. “No
problem, but you were pretty skunked. You really don’t remember coming
“Oh, I kinda remember leaving the Tube, and You and me and Danny and
Tom sort of lurching ‘ cross campus. It’s here I don’t remember. Was I
I was well and truly thrown by that. As far as I could tell, the kid
was totally sincere. I found Preteen Tits it hard to believe that anyone could not
remember a sexual marathon like we’d had only a few hours earlier, but
Larry Joe did not look like a man who was lying, even to himself. If this
was an act, it was an incredible performance. I considered my words
carefully. “Not at all. In fact, you were real cute. But there is one
thing.” I stood up, casually. Of course I was still naked, and as usual, my
dick was at more than half-mast with a morning piss-hard. I watched
carefully, but Larry Joe showed not a flicker of interest. His blue eyes
never even dropped from my face.
“Oh god. What?” The smile had faded to a look of wary chagrin.
I lowered my voice dramatically. “I don’t know if anyone ever told you
this, Larry Joe, but you snore.”
That threw him for a moment, then he broke up laughing. “Yeah. So I’ve
heard. Never bothers me, I just sleep through it. You gonna be ready to get
some breakfast soon? I wanna get moving.”
“Gimme a half hour?”
“Sure. Hustle, though. You don’t know what a zoo Registration is at
this joint. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can have it all
behind you.”
But sweetheart, I thought, all I want behind me is you. With a large
hardon. I took a fast s hower, ran a razor across my face, and dressed
quickly. I was ready to go in twenty minutes, and I was still confused. On
the face of it, it appeared that Larry Joe had in fact been just sleep
walking, and had never awakened. My asshole was still tender enough so I
knew I hadn’t dreamed the whole thing. How in the name of St. Patrick could
any man make love like that hunk had, come twice, and spectacularly both
times, and sleep through it all! It just didn’t wash. But over our
breakfast, he was the same sweet, kind of innocent kid I’d first met the
afternoon before. I worried at it half the morning, until the pure frustration of dealing
with Bowler’s antiquated joke of a registration system gave me more
immediate concerns to worry about. By mid-afternoon I was finally
registered and ready to drop out already. I was heading across the campus
for the Tube, hoping to find one of the guys there, when a shout from
behind stopped me. “Bill! Bill Toomey!”
I turned but didn’t immediately recognize anyone. Then a short, wiry
redhead came toward me, grinning. Very cute, definitely. Familiar from
somewhere, probably. I had this feeling like I should know who it was, but
couldn’t find the context. “Hey, Bill. It’s Tim Pollard.” He saw my
puzzlement, and supplied the context. “At the beach. Summer before last.”
Bingo! That hot steamy weekend at the shore. I grabbed his offered
hand, returning the smile for real now. “Timmy! My God, I didn’t … wait!
You didn’t have a moustache then.”
“Right, I didn’t. How the hell are you and what are you doing here?”
“Just fine, and until I hit that gauntlet that passes for so-called
registration, I thought I was going to be getting an education. I’ve
transferred here from dear old Hometown J.C. You free now? I had just
determined that I need a drink, real bad.”
“Always free for you, sexy. Where you living?”
“On campus. Taylor Hall.”
He grinned even wider, threatening to pop the freckles off his cute
nose. “Well, I have moved into the smart set this year. I’ve got a studio
off-campus. A poor place, but mine own. Unless you’re already absolutely
dedicated to beer with hoi polloi at the Tube, how about a real drink at my
place? Does Preteen Tits a nice tall Vodka and Tonic sound like it could cure your
Registration Blues?”
“You want my arm, or can we just consider it already twisted? Lead on,
McStuff, and damned be both of us.” I was absolutely delighted that I had
run into the sexy little redhead. We caught up while we walked the few
blocks to his apartment. I’d met Tim in July, at the beach with a couple of
chums. We had first spotted each other in a bar, held a Preteen Tits
brief conversation
with our eyes, and immediately gone back to his hotel room and into bed. It
was a long, very hot weekend, and we solved the problem by staying in,
drinking lots of vodka, and not wearing clothes. The clothes would have
only gotten in the way, since what we did mostly was fuck. He claimed he
had told me then he was at Bowler, but if so I didn’t remember, but I was
glad to have run into him anyway. He was a great guy, a lot of fun to be
with, and as I remembered, hot as a chili pepper in the sack.
His place was nice. It was just a small studio, with a tiny separate
kitchenette, but it was clean and neat, and off-campus. Next year, I
promised myself, even if I have to sell my body to raise the bread. He made
the V’n'T’s, as promised, but as I had figured, that wasn’t the main reason
we’d come back to his place. We hadn’t been there more than ten or fifteen
minutes before Tim was kneeling on the floor right in front of my chair,
between my spread legs, sucking my rapidly-stiffening cock all the way to
the base. But I remembered Tim and what he liked, and I knew the oral
action was only a prelude.
I smiled down at the red hair bobbing up and down over my crotch,
and said to it, “Baby, that feels real good. But don’t you think we both
have too fucking many clothes on?” In three minutes flat that was no longer
a problem. This kid worked fast; I remembered that from the beach. I’d
liked it then, and I liked it now.
Tim Pollard was small, but he had one dynamite body. He was built like
a gymnast, all muscle without a trace of fat, but not big and bulky. His
hair was true red, a real carrot-top, straight, and always mussed
looking. I don’t think he owned a comb. The only word for his looks was
“cute”, mostly because of the freckles that splattered across his face, but
the newly grown moustache at least made him look old enough to be in
college. When I first met him, I’d almost made him show me his ID before we
hit the sack, fearing a statutory rape charge.
With his clothes off, though, no one would have called him a kid. For a
little guy, he packed quite a rod. It was just a little bit smaller than
mine, and I’d rarely seen it other than hard. The flip side was the kind of
thing that inspires poets. Tim Pollard had, simply, the sexiest, most
desirable, most eatable ass I had ever seen.
It was almost perfectly round, twin globes of luscious smooth flesh
riding high on his hips. The cheeks were hairless, the valley between them
deep and smooth, and the snug little pucker at the center fringed with a
sexy brush of fine down Preteen Tits
the same color as all of his hair: bright red. I
had spent quite a lot of time happily eating that hot little bottom, and as
soon as I got him naked and in bed, that’s exactly what I proceeded to do
Tim, of course, protested all the way. “Oh god, yes, Bill! Eat my
fucking asshole like you mean it, stud! Stuff that hot talented tongue of
yours all the way up into my stomach!” He was on all fours on the bed,
pushing his hungry butt back against my face while I licked and sucked and
probed the tight hole at its very middle. He groaned in heat when the
firering opened, and my oral muscle drove into him, tongue-fucking him
lustily and deep. I’d never figured out which Tim enjoyed more, getting
rimmed or getting fucked, so I just made sure he got plenty of both and
tried to keep either my tongue or my dick in his asshole as often as
possible. And Timmy never complained that was for sure.
I slurped at the sweet anus until it was pulsing with anticipation,
clutching at my thrusting tongue and begging for more. Then I grabbed his
lithe little body around the waist and flipped him over onto his back. Tim
sure knew what he wanted; the minute his shoulders hit the mattress, his
legs flew up in the air and he grabbed his own ankles, lifting and
spreading his ass so the hot wet hole was wide open. But as hungry as it
was for my dick, and vice versa, I had a few other ideas first. I bent down
between those spread-eagled thighs and swallowed his ramrod-stiff cock all
the way to the red bush.
“Oh, shit yes!” he growled when I slurped his throbbing young meat from
crown to root, lapping at it with my tongue at the same time. He hooked his
knees over my shoulders, grabbing my head Preteen Tits and pumping his dick in and out
of my wet, suctioning mouth. His hips rose from the bed until he was
supported only on his shoulders, fucking his straining pole into my oral
cavity. I loved sucking Tim. His cock was the perfect size for a full
deep-throat blow job, and I knew from experience that his come was thick
and sweet. I could have tasted it again very rapidly, I could tell. The
rigid shaft was thumping against my sliding tongue from excitement, but I
just wasn’t ready to bring him off. Not yet.
Letting the lovely prick slip from my lips, I moved under it,
licking and sucking at his hot, musk-scented nuts. The twin nuggets of sex
were tight, drawn up against the root of his dick from the come inside them
trying to get out. I pulled my lips, back, grazing the taut, wrinkled pouch
of skin with my teeth, which I knew would turn him on even more.
“Do it, Bill! Eat my balls, babe! Chew on those fucking come-sacks!”
One might have thought Tim enjoyed a little rough ball-work. One might just
have been right. I grabbed one of the hot morsels between my lips, tugging
it down away from the stiff pole of his cock. Just hard enough to drive him
up the wall without really hurting. Then I let it snap back and repeated
the action for its twin. Tim moaned in pure-tee ecstasy when I opened wide
and swallowed both of them together, sucking and squeezing them Preteen Tits together in
my hot mouth.
While I continued to work on his nuts with my mouth, I slid one hand up
under that magnificent ass and into the deep crack. As soon as my finger
touched the still spit-slick anus, his sphincter all but snapped at it,
grabbing for it like a man overboard for a lifeline. In a moment, I had
two fingers buried to the knuckle in his snug chute, Preteen Tits opening it up while I
sucked on the mouthful of testicles I was still gnawing at hungrily.
“Oh damn, stud! Too much, too fucking much! If I don’t shoot soon, I’ll
fucking explode! Fuck me, man! Stuff that big hot dick up my guts!”
I raised my head from his sopping ball sack, driving my fingers even
deeper into his rectum. “What was that again, Timmy?” I leered.
“You son of a bitch! Fuck me! Split me apart with that hard pole! Drive
my butt up to my shoulders! FUCK ME!” I think he wanted it.
Always one to oblige a friend, I grabbed his knees, raised and spread
‘em, and aimed my pulsing dick straight for the wet little hole. I froze
for just a second, until Tim howled in frustration, then slammed my hips
forward into his spread groin.
“Unngghh!” The force of the attack drove his breath out in a rush when
I buried all eight and a half Preteen Tits deep into his guts in one hard fast
stroke. For a single beat I stayed there, with my cock sheathed to the
balls in the snuggest, hottest little fuck-channel east of the Rockies, and
then I cut loose, giving that hot butthole the pounding, whole-dick fuck it
wanted and deserved.
Hooking his knees over my shoulders, I began steadily pounding his
willing asshole over and over with my steel-hard prick. My hips slammed
against his cheeks on every stroke while I drove my pulsing cock into the
deepest reaches of his guts. Grabbing his own hot, throbbing organ in my
hands, I started to pump on it lustily while I reamed his chute with eight
plus inches of hard sex flesh. The double sensation of my rod splitting him
open Preteen Tits
and my fingers roughly stroking his erection pushed the hot little
redhead over the edge of ecstasy.
“Oh, do it man! Drive that fucking boner all the way into my stomach!
Gonna come, stud! Your fucking big hard dick is gonna make me shoot! Fuck
that load out of my balls! I’m gonna… Oh God, yes! Now! Fill me up with
your hot… Ooh, YES!”
His cock burst in my hand, hosing his hot sticky jism all over both of
us. Blast after blast of thick cream gushed from the flared slit, and with
every orgasmic spasm, his asshole clamped down on my plunging tool like a
vise. The already-tight walls of his fuck hole gripped my nearly bursting
dick even tighter, and that was all my swollen balls needed.
“Take it, babe! Take my hot come! Coming, man, filling your god dammed
butt with my load! Oh, Baby, yes! Take it all!” My balls were squashed
against the hot sweaty flesh of his butt while my hot pole exploded in a
geyser of come, buried to the fucking hilt in his ass.
We stayed just like that, my buried Preteen Tits root pumping the contents of my
balls into him while his own jism spurted onto his muscular belly. The sigh
that came out of Tim’s throat must have registered six or seven Richter, at
“Good Lord! I had forgotten that you were the hottest fuck in three
states, but I was just reminded. Bill Toomey, my ass is yours! Any time,
any way! Whew! I probably won’t be able to sit for the first two weeks of
class, but I wouldn’t trade that dick for anything.” Suddenly his legs
locked around my waist. “Hold it! Where the hell do you think you’re
I had started to withdraw my cock from his come-sopped asshole, but it
was clear little Timmy was having none of that! I grinned and settled all
the way back in. “Sorry. I guess nowhere.”
“You’re damned right! You’re gonna leave that thing right where it is
until it’s ready to pump another big hot load of come up my guts.” I was
still more than half-hard, so that suited me just fine. I leaned down to
kiss his cute face and we just made out for a while, with my cock still
sheathed Preteen Tits in his snug bottom and his legs around my middle. After a few
minutes, though, I began to get a different signal from my body.
“Uh, babe, hot as that butt of yours is, I gotta get up a sec.”
“How come?”
“I gotta piss. That Vodka Tonic is going right through.”
Tim’s only response was to tighten his leg-grip on me, green eyes
twinkling. “Uh-huh. Go right ahead.” My eyebrows lifted when I caught
on. Did he mean I should … “Piss away, stud.” He did. He chuckled at
the expression on my face. “Did you think I’d just been sitting on that
since I saw you last? Timmy’s learned some new tricks. Go on, hot stuff.
Fill me up with your piss. Flood my guts with that fire hose you’ve got!”
I wasn’t sure I could. I needed to go bad, but the way his rectum was
gripping my dick, I didn’t think it would come. But a moment later, my full
bladder won out, and I felt the first hard spurt gush out, inside
him. “Ungh! Yeah, man. Pissing. I’m pissing in your fucking asshole!
Aaahhhh!” It was a wild feeling. I could feel my swollen tube gushing like
a fountain, spewing my hot urine into his bowels. From being not all sure
if I could go at all, I swung completely the other way. I felt like I could
piss forever, a huge hot bladder-full of steaming urine. I was gonna fill
that hot hole completely.
“Oh yes! I feel it, man! Feel that hot piss gushing inside me. So
fucking hot! Like the biggest load ever! Filling me up, filling my gut with
your hot fucking Preteen Tits
piss! Oh, baby, DO IT!!!”
The sensation was incredible, and also extremely sexy. I felt my cock
surging back to full hardness, even while it was still gushing my piss into
Timmy’s ass. By the time I pumped out the last few hot spurts, I was stiff
as a girder all over again. Timmy moaned in sheer pleasure when I shifted
from Pissing to Fucking without a second’s pause. That was one of the
wildest, hottest fucks I’d ever had. His channel was so incredibly loose
and wet and slippery, I felt like I could get deeper than ever. I swear I
was stuffing my nuts into him with my cock on every downstroke.
And he went wild under me! His ass rose up to meet my pistoning shaft,
begging me to ream him harder, faster, deeper. Even though I Preteen Tits had just shot
a huge load into him, the new sensation was getting me off so much I was
amazed at how soon I felt a new climax churning up in my nuts. The sloppy
wet sounds of my prick plunging in and out of his piss-soaked fuckhole were
as erotic as the feeling of the excess being forced out around my shaft,
soaking both our balls and crotches with urine. Even the smell of the piss
was a turnon, reminding me of cruisy tearooms or gym locker rooms. I was
incredibly close.
“Take it, man! Take my big cock all the way! Fucking that ass full of
piss. Gonna shoot my come up there too! Gonna fill your butt with come and
piss and … UNNGGHH! UNNGGHH! Oh fucking yes! Coming in your hole!”
Once again, my spasming dick gushed, a second huge load of thick cream
blasting its way into Timmy’s overflowing ass channel. I groaned, slamming
my crotch into his to completely impale him on my spurting Preteen Tits rod while I
totally and completely drained my nuts. I was sure I wouldn’t be able to
shoot off again for a week!
This time, there wasn’t much question of me keeping my dick sheathed
inside him. I’d solved my need to piss, but the problem of really getting
rid of it had only been transferred. Timmy grinned when he slid off my
half-softened prick. “Gimme a sec, sport. I feel like somebody just pumped
Lake Erie up my ass. Don’t go away, though.”
“Go away? Babe, I don’t think I could move if the Red Chinese Army
Timmy went into the bathroom. I could imagine that he might have to.
Christ, was that a scene. I Preteen Tits had read about guys who were into piss in some
of those paperbacks that were not assigned class reading, but had never
done anything like that myself. I was more than a bit surprised at how
exciting it had been for me. And it wasn’t entirely over yet. Timmy
returned in a moment, his sexy cock still swollen halfway. As he came up to
the bed, I grabbed it, pulling him to me and slurping the rubbery tube into
my mouth. He was a hot little number, and his prick immediately swelled
even more, growing and stiffening in my mouth.
I pulled him down onto the bed, and proceeded to give him a serious
blow job. His crotch and balls still smelled pissy, from the urine that my
pile-driving fuck had squeezed out of his butt. Far from turning me off, it
just made sucking his dick all that much more exciting. I slurped and
licked and sucked like that was the last hard organ I’d ever see, and it
wasn’t long at all before Tim was squirming under me, and his stiff pole
was spurting his rich, sweet Preteen Tits mansap onto my waiting and very eager
tongue. I held him inside me until the long tube softened again, and then
collapsed next to him, deliciously and thoroughly spent.
“As good as ever, man.” He grinned at me. “Nobody can fuck my butt the
way you do. I think I’m gonna be real glad you transferred here.”
“Thanks. And all compliments returned in kind. That talented little
butt of yours brings out the best in me.” I patted the subject of our
discussion fondly. “Promise you’ll always take good care of it.”
“Hmmm. Tell you what, I’ll just keep it ready. You and that fat dick of
yours can take care of it. Say about three times a day?” He grinned at my
groan. “Well, maybe only once on Sundays. So, now that that’s taken care
of, how in hell are you? You said Taylor, right? At least that’s one of the
less offensive dorms. Could have been Carruthers, where you almost have to
make appointments with the cockroaches to use the john. What’s your
roommate like?”
Hmmm. I hadn’t thought about Larry Joe for a bit. I had this weird
twinge, almost feeling like I was being unfaithful, but that was just
ridiculous. “Sophomore. A real nice kid, and not at all hard on the eyes,
either. Name’s Larry Joe Weaver.”
Timmy sat up. “What! You’re rooming with B.C. Weaver? I don’t fucking
believe it!”
“You know him?”
“In a way. We’ve only met casually, but honey, every queen on campus
knows who B.C. is, whether they really know him or not.”
“What’s with that ‘B.C.’ nickname? I asked him and he kinda sluffed it
off. Didn’t seem to want to tell me what it stood for.”
Timmy giggled wickedly. “I don’t think he appreciates it. Has he taken
a shower yet? The ‘B.C.’ stands for ‘Boa Constrictor.’ If you’ve had a
chance to see him naked, you’ll know why. Your roomie has one of the
biggest schlongs on campus, if not in the state.”
“Uh-huh. I’ve noticed. What’s the story on him?” I played dumb. “Is he
available, or straight?”
“Alas, that beautiful hunk of a cock seems to be off-limits for the
hordes of hungry men around here who would just love to swing on it.” He
wiggled his butt provocatively, “Or sit on i t, as some I could name would
kill to do. In fact, old B.C. seems to be mostly non-sexual. A friend of
mine, who hates any athletic activity that doesn’t take place in a bed,
signed up for Phys. Ed. just to get in BC’s section so he could shower with
him. From what Bryan says, and knowing that slut, I believe him; he did
everything short of grabbing that huge meat in the showers, and B.C. never
seemed to notice. We’ve all decided he is truly innocent, and probably
unmakeable. Of course, that was before you Preteen Tits moved in. Only please promise me
one thing. If you do manage to seduce him, remember your old pal Timmy and
I laughed, thinking to myself that my young friend would be quite
surprised to know that I had both sucked and been fucked by the fantastic
dick he lusted after. “I’ll keep you posted, but I generally leave the
straight ones alone. Too fucking much work. Besides,” I grinned, again
caressing his sexy bare butt, “why pick on the ones who take effort, when
there seem to be so many around who are willing and eager?”
He laughed. “Ha! Or easy, even. I am sure that I have no idea who or
whom you could mean. Wanna fuck a college kid, big boy?”
“Lord! Don’t you ever get enough? On quick reflection, don’t answer
that. As nice as all of this is, I really have to get moving. I promised
good old B.C. I’d meet him and a couple of friends for dinner.” I got up
and began collecting my scattered clothes.
“Hmmm. Bet the friends include that cute little Danny Constantine. Now
there’s a number with possibilities. He may or not even realize it, but he
flirts like a whore on an army base. And I for one, wouldn’t mind a tumble
with him, either.”
“He is cute, isn’t he? I’ll let you know what happens.” I dressed, and
had to make a firm date for the next week before Timmy would let me
go. While I walked back to the dorm, I tried to figure out what the story
was with my sexy hunk of a roommate. From his behavior that morning, he was
totally unaware of what had happened between us, or else had so thoroughly
repressed it that it was buried. Or he was bullshitting me, but I tended to
doubt that. And, despite the fact that his massive cock Preteen Tits was known all over
the campus, no one else seemed to have been able to make him, or wasn’t
talking if he had. I was extremely curious what the evening, and more
significantly the night, would bring. The first part of the evening was fun, but inconsequential. Larry,
Danny, Tommy and I had dinner together in a decent but cheap restaurant
just off campus. Later, we stopped by the Tube, of course, but we didn’t
stay as long or drink nearly as much as the previous night. I noticed, in
fact, that Larry Joe was definitely nursing his drinks. I don’t think he
had more than two beers all evening. He stayed completely sober, but seemed
to be having a good time.
They were really a great bunch of guys. Larry Joe was a good-natured
boy, really. Bright and funny but not too sophisticated. Tommy was the
jokester, and seemed to have a rare talent for making outrageous puns on
anything. Danny was more complex. He’d stay quiet for a long time, but when
he spoke up, it was to the point. I quickly figured out that he was as
smart as a whip. Maybe it was just because Timmy had put thoughts into my
head, but I did feel like he was hiding something behind those dark eyes.
A couple of times, I turned unexpectedly to find him looking at me with
unusual intensity. Once he actually blushed before he dropped his
eyes. Even more revealing, however, was the way he gazed at Larry Joe if he
didn’t know anyone was watching. It was clear he was head over heels in
love with the big guy, whether he realized it consciously or not.
We headed back to the dorm earlier than the night before, and with
everyone, including Larry Joe, under his own power. Tommy and Danny lived
right across the quad, in a twin of our dorm, and we parted on the walk. I
wasn’t really ready to turn in just yet, and asked Larry Joe if he wanted
to watch TV in the lounge with me. He said no, he was bushed, and thought
he’d turn in. I was alert for any suggestion that he wanted me to “turn in”
with him, but there was nothing there, I was sure.
The lounge was nearly empty, except for two guys playing Gin at one
table. I made a show of turning on the TV and flipping through several
channels, then turned it off and went back out. In fact, there wasn’t
anything I really wanted to watch, but I also was trying to give Larry Joe
just enough time to get undressed. I timed it well, and walked back into
the room just when he was shucking his briefs. The Boa Constrictor that had
gotten him his nickname swung heavily from his crotch, and I felt a surge
in my own dick, just at the sight.
Larry Joe slid into his own bed, under the sheet unfortunately, and
chatted with me while I started to undress. I wasn’t hard, but my prick was
definitely swollen. I made sure he Preteen Tits
had a good chance to see it, but his
bright blue eyes revealed nothing. I reached down and scratched by freed
balls, chuckling. “Christ, I’m getting horny. Gonna have to do something
about getting laid regular around here.”
Larry Joe just laughed good-naturedly. “Already? Hell, you’ve only been
here two days. Probably get worse ‘fore it gets better. Most of the chicks
at Bowler Preteen Tits are dogs, spoken for, or professional virgins. And, they have to
live on campus all four years, so without a car or an apartment, there
ain’t much place to do it even if you do find one who’s willing.” He
grinned. “Hope you remember how to jerk off, ’cause that’s the most
popular sport at this dump.” I was just about to suggest that I thought I
would, and wouldn’t mind at all if he joined me, but he reached up and
snapped off his light. “Night, Bill,” he said, Preteen Tits and rolled on his side, with
his back to me.
Shit! After two orgasms that afternoon with Timmy, on top of the wild
scene with him the night before, I should have been completely spent. But
hoping for a repeat bout with the Boa had in fact gotten my nuts itching. I
lay down on the bed, and felt my dick steadily rising to a full
stand. After a moment, I sighed and wrapped my fingers around it. After a
short spell of dry stroking, I knew I was going to have to really beat off
or I wouldn’t get to sleep. I got up, and made no effort to hide the boner
jutting from my pubes, but Larry Joe didn’t turn. I got the hand cream from
my shelf and lay down again, applying it liberally to my hand and my
throbbing cock.
I made no effort at all to hide what I was doing, or to be silent about
it. From his breathing, I was pretty sure my roommate was not yet asleep,
and he had to hear the Preteen Tits rhythmic slapping of my lube-slick fist while I
pumped on my meat. But he didn’t move. I thought of the night before, about
his massive dick buried to the hilt in my asshole. Just thinking about the
way that horsecock has stretched my butt open got me hotter and hotter, and
in minutes I was breathing heavily while the come started to churn in my
balls. I scooped up some of the lube on my other hand and reached between
my legs, under my nuts. My finger found and toyed with the still-tender
entrance to my chute, and a second later I felt the juice start to well up.
As the first spasm hit, I rammed two fingers deep into my butt, and felt it
clenching around them while the load spurted out onto my belly and chest.
I know I was groaning from the sense of relief, but my fucking roomie
still maintained his discreet silence. When I came down, I grabbed the
towel and mopped up my cream. With a last long look at his still unmoving
back, I rolled over, and in seconds fell soundly asleep.
And so it went, for three days. I was beginning to wonder if I had, in
fact, dreamed the whole fucking scene. I just couldn’t believe Larry Joe
could be so completely ignorant of the passionate night we’d shared as he
seemed to be, but the better I got to know him, the more convinced I was
that he wasn’t the type to lie. It didn’t make sense. It didn’t help my
frustration one little bit that he was anything but modest. He had the
damnedest habit of stripping his clothes off almost every time he walked
into our room. I had all too many opportunities to admire the Boa
Constrictor, but no further opportunity to play with it, it seemed. And man
did I want to! If it hadn’t been for my date with Timmy of the hot and
hungry buns on Tuesday night, I’d have probably gotten so horny I’d have
just jumped him and tried to explain afterward.
I’d run into Tim a few times around campus, but our schedules were
completely different, so I hadn’t really seen him since the first day when
I got to his apartment. He made up for lost time. “Hey!” I protested
laughingly when he started to peel my clothes off, “What about dinner?”
“Later, stud. Right now we’re going to eat each other.”
“Sounds good, but do you think I could at least get a drink?”
“Sure.” He got an impish glint in his eyes. “How about a nice cold
beer? Or two?”
I remembered the hot afternoon, and Timmy’s “new” wrinkle, and caught
on fast. “Sounds great, sport, but I should warn you, beer always makes me
piss a lot. Goes right through.”
“My, my. Does it really? Funny how beer can do that. Why don’t you get
out of all those fucking clothes while I get us some suds.” Timmy
disappeared into the small kitchen, and must have stripped while he popped
the can tabs, because he emerged again no more than a minute later with
three cold beers, stark naked and with a roaring erection. His cock was
good-sized to begin with, and on his small, Preteen Tits lithe body, it looked Preteen Tits even
larger. I grinned at him.
“Yummy. To hell with dinner. But I didn’t know we were expecting more
company. Did you plan an orgy without telling me?” At his questioning look,
I gestured at the three cans.
“Oh.” He grinned broadly. “One for me, one for you, and we’ll ’share’
the third one. Preteen Tits
I didn’t want to have to interrupt anything to go back to
the kitchen. If you know what I mean.”
“Uh-huh.” I took one of the cold cans and chugged half of it quickly.
“Come here, hot stuff, I only need one hand to drink with.” I pulled him to
me, and we started fooling around while we finished the first two beers,
flopped on his bed. We were just sort of lazily stroking each other’s hard
pricks, beating off and getting hot, without really getting into it too
much. When I drained the last of the can, I kept the cold liquid in my
mouth and bent over his crotch, sucking his hard rod into my mouth and
surrounding it with the cold beer.
“Oh, sexy!” he moaned and squirmed around under me when I began to suck
him off in earnest. He shifted so he was the other way on the bed and
caught my throbbing prick in his talented lips. In a moment, we were
lustily sixty-nining, repeatedly swallowing each other’s dicks all the way
to their bases. I rose on my knees over him, straddling his head, and began
to deep-fuck his open, willing throat while my head rose and fell on his
own stiff-stander. Slipping it out of my mouth, I dove lower, sucking and
nibbling on his tight little scrotum, which I knew drove him wild.
And it did. As I mauled his balls with my lips and tongue and teeth, he
was sucking my thrusting rod like a starving man attacking a broiled
steak. Every pump of my hips was driving my cock past his tonsils, and he
grabbed my butt, pulling me down and trying for more. As horny as I’d been
for three days, watching Larry Joe swing that firehose of his around the
room, it was all too soon that I felt my own nuts twitching with an
impending climax. I tried to pull back, out of his hot, suctioning oral
cavity, but Timmy was having none of it. He held on to my ass and only
sucked harder.
“Oh, Christ man! Too much. I’m so fucking close I’m gonna blow my wad
any second. Wait, stud, we’ve got plenty of … Oh shit! Yes, babe! Take
it, take it all! Take my fucking … UNNGGHH!” My pent-up lust erupted
deep inside his mouth, which never stopped sucking hungrily while I blasted
jet after jet of scalding ball-juice out of my pumping rod. Tim swallowed
the thick load as fast as I could spurt it, and his lips and tongue played
along my hard meat, begging for even more.
In the throes of Preteen Tits ecstasy, I buried my face in his groin, sucking even
harder on his tender nuts, and almost as soon as my own orgasm began to ebb
to an oozing trickle, he groaned around his mouthful of my cock, and bucked
his hips up, jamming his crotch against my face. I felt his body shudder
convulsively and then felt a big wet splat on my chest when his own dick
exploded. I just managed to slurp it into my lips as the second, even
larger Preteen Tits
wad of jism rocketed out. My prick was still buried to the balls in
his throat, and I quickly sucked his as deep into me, drinking eagerly from
the flowing fountain of his sap.
At last, we both stopped coming, but we stayed joined, our half-soft
dicks still nestled in each other’s come-flooded oral cavities. I had not
realized just how horny I had been. That was a lot faster than I usually
liked to get off, but I figured if I knew Timmy, there was more in store
for the evening. He was gently mouthing my spent tube, running his tongue
up and down it, just enough stimulation to keep me from going fully soft,
but not really active sex.
Finally, I was a bit uncomfortable, and really spent, for the moment. I
pulled my spit-and- come slicked cock out of his extremely talented throat,
releasing his at the same time. It plopped wetly onto his flat, lean
tummy. “Whew! What a fucking load,” he grinned at me when I reversed to lie
beside him. “You been saving up?”
“Haven’t found ‘the scene’ around here yet, and living in a dorm, I
don’t get many opportunities to score. Forgot to ask you the other day, is
there a gay bar, or anything that passes for one, in this town?”
“Hmmm.” We were lying side by side, with Timmy still fondling my
semi-erection, and he passed me the third beer. I sipped at it while we
talked. “I am reminded of a serious mistake I made last fall term.”
I lifted an eyebrow. “That sounds like the intro to a story.”
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